Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reminiscing of a Roadtrip

Allen and I went to see Paul last night, a movie about two sci-fi loving Brits who come to America for Comicon and take a subsequent roadtrip across the American southwest when they end up running into an alien named Paul. I'd definitely recommend it if you like the comedy of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Joe Lo Truglio and Bill Hader were also hilarious. 

Plotline aside, the scenery made me a little nostalgic for a roadtrip my dear friend Kristen and I took from California to Atlanta during the summer of 2008. We spent almost three weeks traveling, spending the majority of the time in California, Colorado, and Arizona. Sadly my computer crashed soon after along with the 300+ photos from the trip (you should always back up your hard drive!!) But I still have a few that I happened to post on the Facebook. 

somewhere in California
Catfish Paradise, Arizona
stopping to watch the sunset
the sweetest copilot: dylan ;) 
Grand Canyon
Colorado with our friend Ferris and the pups
at Red Rocks for Monolith Festival 
with friends from college at Monolith
a visit back to Red Rocks the following day to retrieve Kristen's purse! ;)
Flatirons view - Boulder, CO
Boulder Falls

Boy do I miss Colorado. 

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Kristen said...

I love this! What fond memories of our epic adventure!

I think its due time for another whimsical journey!