Friday, April 29, 2011

Lets Move

I didn't think I could love Beyonce any more - until I saw her killing it in this new video as part of Michelle Obama's Let's Move! Campaign that promotes the benefits of healthy eating and exercise towards kids. Take that childhood obesity!

Royal Occasion

This is how I have been feeling all week, particularly when 300 people have lost their lives and thousands more have lost their homes due to the devastating tornados that swept the Southeast the night before last, and still all anyone was talking about was this darn wedding. I thought I was going to need one of these.

But this morning, my tune changed a bit with all the excitement - and when I saw how GORGEOUS Princess Catherine a.k.a. the Duchess of Cambridge looked in that Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress and the excitement of the crowd when they came out for their first kiss, I found myself literally cheering aloud when they kissed one more time. It was just perfect. Cheers to the prince and princess.

I had to revisit this post after seeing close-up photos of lovely Pippa Middleton's Alexander McQueen dress and all the guests in their wild hats.

 I'll admit I was surprised she, too, was wearing white, but she looked absolutely stunning in that amazing dress.

As usual, David Beckham looked crazy handsome while Posh Spice looked very angry, albeit stylish (especially considering she is pregnant). I guess I'd be mad, too, if I was pregnant walking in those heels.

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice of York looking like some kind of Dr. Suess character.

Her Majesty the Queen

The mother of the bride looking absolutely delighted to watch her daughter become a princess

Harry looking all grown up in uniform 

Chelsy Davy, Harry's on-again off-again girlfriend

8 tiered cake that included 900 sugar flowers and 17 different types of blooms and foliage for their meaning and symbolism

cake detail - almost too pretty to eat! took 5 weeks to complete

all in the name of these two, a fairytale wedding indeed.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Love these spunky, bright (and affordable!) looks from H&M Magazine Spring 2011 shot by Josh Olins

This and That

One more day til the weekend! Here are some oddities from around the web to help you procrastinate until then. 

Kate Middleton For the Win - I adore Kate Middleton and really feel sorry for all the pressure she's under, but I couldn't help laugh at this funny site that portrays her as a snarky little brat
Happy Birthday to the world's smallest horse
How to make the perfect cup of coffee
The U.K. version of the Jersey Shore - The Geordie Shore - yes, sadly, I'm serious
Totally AMAZING kinetic toothpick sculpture of San Francisco
To get a little deeper here: How to Live Before You Die according to Steve Jobs

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Turn on Your Brights

 When this 80's trend was first resurrected a few years ago, designers and fashion retailers were burning retinas everywhere with neon shades so offensive you had to wonder if highlighter manufacturers were supplying the dyes. Okay it wasn't that bad - but the trend has evolved toward a less aggressive form that is decidedly more flattering on all types of skintones. Here are some favorite neon accessories. 

1. Nars Eyeshadow in Rated R $33 2. Urban Outfitters sunglasses $10 3. Forever 21 bracelets $7.80 4. Jil Sander wedge $550 5. Dover Street Market satchel €110 6. Lacrosse sandals $160 7. Tom Binns earrings $200 8. Forever 21 sunglasses $5.80 9. TopShop bangle $28

Small Cool Spaces II

As I mentioned before, Apartment Therapy is having its 7th annual Smallest Coolest Home Contest and I have found it so inspiring to see how other people create a comfortable, livable home in such small spaces. Michael's Mini Manhattan Home might still take the cake for me but here are some more awesomely tiny homes.  

at an astonishing 395 square feet, Ellie's Carriage House in Aspen, Co is light, bright and oh so appealing to me. Maybe it's because it's in Colorado (my alma mater) or maybe its the all the colors. I have yet to pinpoint it...

at first glance, this photo made the space seem a little bit cluttered, but I think it's just because there are multiple pillows on each chair (which I'd like to argue makes it more cozy). The bright colors and all that light - I love. 

bright white kitchen and open shelving. and enough room for a place to eat!

and now - my favorite part. This gorgeous, ingenious bedroom. The curtains serve to separate clothes from the bed creating a homemade closet and also as a comfy cozy canopy. Ok maybe this ties for number 1.

I had to share Kara's 180 square foot space because of just that -  she lives in 180 square feet of space. She has done a great job utilizing every foot. 

her little sunning nook with storage underneath

a hammock that clips into the ceiling for when extra guests come over - genius! Also love the wallpapered shelves

I like how she made her fire escape into a nice little hang out space, although another apartment therapy reader noted it is illegal... oops.

and lastly here is Jordan's Brooklyn apartment weighing in at 460 square feet. I love the high ceilings and full height windows that make the space seem much larger than it actually is.

those floors! and it seems there are windows on three sides of the apartment. nice!

from the opposite side

another bright white kitchen. Love the painted brick and industrial island that serves as storage and a dining area. 

I haven't had time to look at all of the entries so check them out yourself at Apartment Therapy.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I stumbled upon immensely talented 22 year old fashion photographer Diego Diaz Marin via Design You Trust in my Google Reader and am so infatuated. His photos look like stills from a Tarantino movie (especially ones below) and I just can't get enough. 

Second Chance

Peter Bjorn and John are coming to Atlanta on Thursday to play the Masquerade and I couldn't be more excited. Love this song and creative video from their 6th and most recent album Gimme Some called Second Chance. 

Peter, Bjorn and John - Second Chance from Peter Bjorn and John on Vimeo.

I am also loving their funny blog, where they had this to say about coming to Atlanta:

last time we went there we went dj:ing in a bar and bjorn drank a lot of champagne and fainted in a corner.
I remember playing a madlib track and a Russian lady came up to the dj-booth and said:
-you should not play Chinese music here, people won’t like it.
No problem.
on Thursday we will bring a brand new white drumkit and a red cowbell, Björn will be dressed in black (maybe with a grey jacket) and Peter has learned a new guitar riff that is off the hook! (and also off tune).
see u soon!
Looking forward to the new white drumkit and red cowbell. And hopefully there will be no fainting in corners. 

Tech Transport

I have been hunting for the perfect laptop bag for a while now, and was surprised how hard it was to find one that's affordable, durable and not a total eyesore. No matter what your career or style may be, one of these lovely options should fit the bill. 

1. Etienne Aigner $55.99 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs $98 3. Fossil $88 4. Nuo $47.99 5. Lucky Brand $26.99 (on sale!) 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs $98 7. Lucky Brand $35.99 8. Knomo $139 9. Piel $191.99 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Colorful Summer

This editorial by Steven Meisel is from Vogue Italia almost 11 years ago but the bright colors and pretty prints are totally relevant today. And lets face it - this house is amazing!

visit papermode for the whole shebang