Thursday, March 31, 2011

This and That

It's Thursday. Which means tomorrow is Friday! WOOOOO! so here are some oddities from around the web to hold you over until then:

          - Color Picker Pen - sweeet!!

          - Top 7 Worst Website Names

          - Portraits of Criminals from the 1920s

          - Can't decide if this is straight up creepy or eerily beautiful

          - Google's DRIVERLESS car

          - this guy is amazing. 

          - Funny one-liner cards

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SebastiAn - Embody

loving this music video right now...

SebastiAn - Embody by edbangerrecords

Inspiration: Mountain Time

1. Jayson Home & Garden Springbok Trophy 2. DV Dolce Vita Shilo Booties 3. Amethyst Soap Rock from Furbish 4. Antik Batik Costa Belt 5. Urban Outfitters Navajo Feather Earring 6. Jayson Home & Garden Vintage Brass Stool 7. Melie Bianco Miley Bag - on sale! 8. ABC Home Ikat Pillow 9. Anthropologie Influential Anorak 10. Current/Elliott Boyfriend Short 11. Ray Ban Rounded Wayfarer        12. Anthropologie Sand Strata Vase 13. Hive & Honey Stone Knot necklace 

Reminiscing of a Roadtrip

Allen and I went to see Paul last night, a movie about two sci-fi loving Brits who come to America for Comicon and take a subsequent roadtrip across the American southwest when they end up running into an alien named Paul. I'd definitely recommend it if you like the comedy of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Joe Lo Truglio and Bill Hader were also hilarious. 

Plotline aside, the scenery made me a little nostalgic for a roadtrip my dear friend Kristen and I took from California to Atlanta during the summer of 2008. We spent almost three weeks traveling, spending the majority of the time in California, Colorado, and Arizona. Sadly my computer crashed soon after along with the 300+ photos from the trip (you should always back up your hard drive!!) But I still have a few that I happened to post on the Facebook. 

somewhere in California
Catfish Paradise, Arizona
stopping to watch the sunset
the sweetest copilot: dylan ;) 
Grand Canyon
Colorado with our friend Ferris and the pups
at Red Rocks for Monolith Festival 
with friends from college at Monolith
a visit back to Red Rocks the following day to retrieve Kristen's purse! ;)
Flatirons view - Boulder, CO
Boulder Falls

Boy do I miss Colorado. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Little Pick Me Up - Tulip Season!

I figured I'd try to combat my seasonal affective disorder by looking at some outdoor photography when I came across this  -  Tulip Season in the Netherlands. Could you imagine a hot air balloon ride over this? Or just walking through? The peak is late April through early May - there's still time to get there!

And just in case you don't have time to make it to the Netherlands for Tulip season this year, we've got our own lovely tulip farms in Oregon - The Annual Tulip Fest started this past weekend and will be going on through April at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farms where the photo below was taken. That's Mt. Hood in the background - nice!

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Spotlight on: Camilla Belle

I remember the first time I noticed Camilla Belle. She was wearing this gorgeous Alexander McQueen mini dress in a kaleidoscope type print - and I thought, "WHO is THAT?" 

and then I didn't give her another thought. Until I saw her a few months later in an even MORE amazing McQueen frock in the loveliest shades of pale blues and purples with the most beautiful crystal detailing on her shoulders, down her back and at the waist. 

And that is when I knew I loved her, her part minka kelly part margherita missoni look, and her bold sense of style that is chic and sexy yet refined at the same time. She is always wearing something unique on the red carpet and she knows how to dress her body. Her go-to colors seem to be black and white:

But she is obviously not afraid of some color either:

While she has starred in a couple of mediocre movies - most recently, Prada to Nada - was that even released in theaters? - but her style seems to be her biggest strength. If she focused her efforts on working with a major fashion house or launching her own collection a la Katie Holmes with Holmes and Yang, she'd probably do pretty well for herself. Looking forward to seeing what her future (and her closet) holds. 

Gray Day

It is 41 degrees here. 41 degrees and oh so gray. Considering just three weeks ago I was looking out my balcony at this:

And my sunsets looked like this:

Looking out the window today is very depressing. Will someone please notify Atlanta that it is SPRING? What is even more depressing is my man Chesley McNeil, the weather man on 11Alive, rated today an 8. An 8!? Is this some lame attempt at sarcasm? What kind of scale is he using? Granted, his can reach up to 11 instead of 10 (get it? 11Alive?) but what I am seeing is a 3. For me personally its down to a 2 because of the loudass lawn mower right outside. Needless to say I am desperately searching for something to brighten up my day...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Outdoor Envy

When I moved three months ago, I upgraded my patio and still have yet to make it useful. While mine is (obviously) nothing like this, the possibilities of how to utilize it has made me a little bit obsessed with outdoor living spaces. One day when I own my own home I will have a luxurious outdoor room like this one by Wendi Young

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Newest Obsession: Diane Von Furstenberg Ready to Wear Home

Diane Von Furstenberg has finally ventured into Interior Design with her new DVF Home Collection and it is equally as chic as the icon's fashion line. With printed dinnerware in unconventional shapes and playfully patterned bedding, there's something for everyone in this collection and it's sure to provide the spring pick-me-up you know your interior needs! Available at Bloomingdale's and

Matthew Williamson for Macys!

These ladies love Matthew Williamson and now we can all wear his designs without paying thousands of dollars thanks to his new collaboration with Macys. With prices starting at $24, the line features sexy cocktail dresses, bohemian blouses, colorful scarves and sassy little rompers at affordable prices we can all enjoy. Available in Macy's stores and starting April 13th for a limited time only! Here are a few favorite pieces:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Remembering Ms. Taylor

Sad to hear of the passing of the ultimate hollywood icon, Elizabeth Taylor. She will be remembered for her astonishing beauty, those violet eyes, and her passion for humanitarian work even in her final years. She left the world a better place and will be greatly missed.