Friday, May 13, 2011

Italian Fairytale

Normally I'm drawn towards colorful, eclectic, borderline maximalist styles (like this) but this medieval castle in Italy that serves as a Danish couple's vacation home is just too cool not to share.

I like how they chose a neutral palate to let the limestone and the structure shine.

 not a fan of wall-mounted animal heads (especially in the kitchen), but I can let this one slide because it works perfectly with the color scheme and seems appropriate with the historical context of the home. 

love all the arches throughout the house and this cozy little cave of a bedroom. 

a hammock hanging from an ancient olive tree

 back of the castle - note the lounge area by the pool. I couldn't imagine a better second home - a fairytale indeed!

via Sk├Âna Hem

Have a good weekend everybody!!

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