Thursday, May 5, 2011

This and That

Hello Hello! Happy Cinco De Mayo! I love having holidays like this (i.e. St. Pattys Day) on a Thursday because it is that much easier to pretend like the weekend is already here. If you're having trouble with that, here are some tidbits from around the web to distract you from whatever work you're supposed to be doing.

above: proof that your awkward teen years don't necessarily determine your attractiveness later look here for more
hope you're sitting down for this: MISSONI is Target's next collaboration with over 400 pieces! I die.
stunning time-lapse video by Astrophotographer Daniel Lopez of skies above the Canary Islands
how a geography class found Bin Laden's hideout long before the CIA
George W. informs America of another terrorist that has been brought to justice via FunnyOrDie
a surprisingly large number of teenagers don't know who Osama Bin Laden is
Catch Halley's Comet tonight (if you haven't had too much tequilla): 30-60 shooting stars an hour? nice.
Viktor Hertz's honest logos

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