Thursday, June 23, 2011

This and That

Happy Happy Thursday! Here's your weekly dose of oddities from around the web to occupy your time til the weekend begins!

What Hilary Whispered is only 8 days old, but I laughed out loud so I felt the need to share - the facial expressions on both parties (especially J.Edwards) are priceless
Another tumblr I'm loving right now: Dear Photograph - pictures of pictures from the past in the present


Imightbepregnant said...

H&M and Versace for the fall?!?!!! Miss bambilulu we will be having a shopping extravaganza there for sure!! I can't wait. Another reason to slim up ship shape!! Let's get this baby finished cooking already! I'm ready for fashion homie.

Ladyfafa said...

I also dougie. PRICELESS

SLK said...

Bahaha. I've wondered what Hillary told Huma after the Weiner incident! Huma's situation was way more embarrassing.