Friday, June 24, 2011


I'm so excited about my guest post over at coco + kelley where I feature three of my favorite runway trends - in this case, tribal prints, bright stripes and delicate lace - along with some affordable ways to wear them. I thought I'd keep that idea going over here as well with the same idea featuring bikinis! Enjoy and be sure to check out the post at coco+kelley ;)

Tribal: 1. Mara Hoffman aztec print bikini $220 2. Mara Hoffman balconette bikini $275 3. Tori Praver tribal bikini $188 
Stripes: 1. TopShop stripe bandeau bikini $52 2. Hurley Line Drive top $41 bottom $37 3. TopShop fluorescent stripe bikini $55
Lace: 1. Poko Pano lace bikini $49.99 *onsale! 2. TopShop black lace bikini $68 3. TopShop cream lace bandeau bikini $56  


BoulderDiva said...

Bambilulu you are the greatest. I love how you followed up your post with bathing suits. I'd kinda be lost without your insight. Thanks.

Sarg-nt-Peppa said...

I just found your blog on a friends Facebook. Ive been going through your posts. I definitely added this site to my favorites bar!

SLK said...

I'm wondering....what's your favorite pick? I mean how would you decide what to wear....say to a pool party with a Beaux or a girls day at the beach? I'd say lace for the Beaux, stripes for the girls and tribal when you want to feel super chill and relaxed.

Emy said...

I clicked on your link in the coco+kelly post:) I've been looking back at your older post and I love your blog!! Definitely a new follower:) Love how you tie all different things together, it's really great!

gena said...

Thanks for stopping by Emy! Glad you like my blog - I'll be sure to check yours out :)