Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh Hi!

 Sorry about the extended vacation - we were having the best time in NY when Irene tried to come and ruin our fun. After multiple canceled flights and hours on the phone (on hold) with Delta, my friend Kate and I rented the very last car available in Plattsburgh and drove 5 hours to Syracuse to catch another flight from there and get home a day and a half later than I had anticipated. Our little road trip was hilarious, especially since we were oblivious to the damage Irene caused, but now, four days later, I'm still trying to catch up. Expect some photos of the trip later on.

I also just want to show my support to those who are are still experiencing wrath of Irene - can't imagine what it would be like to be stranded with no power, food or supplies. Check here for photos if you haven't seen any yet. All profits from ordering this T shirt ($15) benefit Red Cross Vermont

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