Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Comfy Cozy

"It's a good day for a root canal," Allen said this morning after experiencing the cold, drizzly ATL weather in the form of a dog walk, and while I don't know that any day is a good day for a root canal, I really love his attitude. So I started my morning off with that little procedure, which was only mildly traumatizing, (especially considering I've never even had a cavity filled - if anyone in the Atlanta area needs a dentist, call Dr. Guillaume, he's the best) but my soreness and general lethargy in conjunction with this very cold, very gray day has me dreaming of comfy cozy spaces to curl up in...

A raised fireplace is always cozier than floor level - bonus points for the abundance of flannel

A cozy window seat full of pillows and piles of books begging to be read - so comfy.

Not sure if its the shag rug, the fur throw or the overall effect but I could definitely cozy up here. Stay warm friends!! xx  

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