Thursday, November 17, 2011

This and That

Happy Thursday! Here are a few links to keep you distracted til the weekend is here...

Aerochrome photographs of the Congo by Richard Mosse via but does it float
The most beautiful compostable gift wrap by the very talented Justina Blakeney
National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 !!!
Alice and Wonderland illustrated by Salvador DalĂ­ circa 1969
Garden and Gun's 50 best southern foods
My first Thanksgiving with white people
The future of advertising via Time
Chocolate and bourbon pudding with sea salt and crushed pistachio - need I say more?
A new digital magazine I am digging: Co-Lab
Dakota and Elle Fanning for W Magazine


meesch said...

Ph my gosh these are awesome photos! I love the colors = )


ai78 said...

wow, cool pictures! wonder if the elephants are pink?