Sunday, January 22, 2012

Favorite Things

A few favorite things I've found on Etsy this week - a handmade kilim pillow case from Istanbul ($69.95) from this shop that is full of all sorts of kilim goodness, this chic Claire White Modern Art Print ($18) from new favorite shop Bergen House, a silver oversize leather tote bag ($159) from Smadar Shani Leather Shop and last but not least this cozy california bear pullover from Zen Threads ($26). Definitely check out each of these shops for more fun finds!


Chelsea Dossett Howell said...

So thrilled that you featured our Claire White print among your lovely finds! Love your blog, it's a favorite now :) Chelsea from Bergen House

genevieve said...

Chelsea - you're too sweet! I'm loving Bergen house so much - it was hard to pick a favorite! Keep it up xx