Friday, January 20, 2012

This and That

I saw these images on tumblr a few weeks ago and am glad to have finally found the source: the exceptionally creative Filippo Minelli. Turns out these poofs of color are homemade smoke bombs and the effect is no less than awesome. via but does it float
For the Thoreau inside of all of us: Cabin Porn
Loving the work of Kelly Behun via Desire to Inspire
Teddy bear skin rugs by Agustina Woodgate via My Modern Met
As a huge fan of the movie of Drive and also of creative graphic design, this poster by Mike Horowitz hits the spot
Have you checked out the lastest issue of Rue? If not, you should!
Emily Henderson's 99 cent DIY projects (and the lovely, talented, hilarious Emily Henderson in general)
How to Work Better and Rules of a Creator's Life
RIP sweet Etta James

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meesch said...

This is awesome! The photo over the water is so interesting looking - and I LOVE Rue magazine... Bri Emery is a genius!