Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fave Four

Four dining rooms I'm currently obsessing over...
This first one is by the immensely talented Jonathan Adler. I didn't know it right off the bat, though, because it feels a little more subdued than usual, but upon closer inspection - the funky light fixtures, campaign buffet, and bright blue dining chairs with patterned, oversized end chairs were all telltale signs. Definitely my favorite room by him by far. Check out the rest of this house (and all of his other projects) on his site.

This Australian dining room belongs to Andrea and Ben Millar and quite frankly, I'm obsessed. The gallery wall, kilim rug(s), Moroccan light fixture, and rustic dining table coupled with old Sunday school benches (!!!) create a perfectly eclectic mix of awesomeness. The rest of the home is just as charming, so be sure to check it out on Design Files.

So fresh and so clean! I can always appreciate a monochromatic room full of unique textures, but what really sets this one a part is the vibrant artwork - soo bright and happy. The whole house is structured like this - all white with pops of color- and although it's not necessarily the most practical color scheme, I'm totally a fan.

This is technically the "lounge" of Dorothée Boissier and Patrick Giles of Giles & Bossier but I'm going to include it because that marble and iron table is too awesome. That and the architectural details of the space (hello parquet floors!) are what initially caught my eye, but upon further inspection there is so much to love - the abstract pattern directly stenciled on to the wall, the rope-hung fixture, the combination of warm neutrals- it's all so good. And then when I went to find the source of the image, I was beyond surprised to find that the ceiling has these long skinny insets that are painted BRIGHT YELLOW. yes, bright yellow:

And my reaction went like this: "OH!" (surprise) to "...oh." (but whyyyy?) to "oh..?" (ok, I think I might be getting it) because after seeing the rest of their home, this warm neutral palate I was initially appreciating so much is found throughout the entire house. And what better way to surprise/delight/intrigue than by adding this bright yellow to the ceiling in the lounge? I can't think of one. So I can fully appreciate it now. #respect 

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