Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gray Day

It is 41 degrees here. 41 degrees and oh so gray. Considering just three weeks ago I was looking out my balcony at this:

And my sunsets looked like this:

Looking out the window today is very depressing. Will someone please notify Atlanta that it is SPRING? What is even more depressing is my man Chesley McNeil, the weather man on 11Alive, rated today an 8. An 8!? Is this some lame attempt at sarcasm? What kind of scale is he using? Granted, his can reach up to 11 instead of 10 (get it? 11Alive?) but what I am seeing is a 3. For me personally its down to a 2 because of the loudass lawn mower right outside. Needless to say I am desperately searching for something to brighten up my day...

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