Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spotlight on: Camilla Belle

I remember the first time I noticed Camilla Belle. She was wearing this gorgeous Alexander McQueen mini dress in a kaleidoscope type print - and I thought, "WHO is THAT?" 

and then I didn't give her another thought. Until I saw her a few months later in an even MORE amazing McQueen frock in the loveliest shades of pale blues and purples with the most beautiful crystal detailing on her shoulders, down her back and at the waist. 

And that is when I knew I loved her, her part minka kelly part margherita missoni look, and her bold sense of style that is chic and sexy yet refined at the same time. She is always wearing something unique on the red carpet and she knows how to dress her body. Her go-to colors seem to be black and white:

But she is obviously not afraid of some color either:

While she has starred in a couple of mediocre movies - most recently, Prada to Nada - was that even released in theaters? - but her style seems to be her biggest strength. If she focused her efforts on working with a major fashion house or launching her own collection a la Katie Holmes with Holmes and Yang, she'd probably do pretty well for herself. Looking forward to seeing what her future (and her closet) holds. 

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