Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Small Cool Spaces II

As I mentioned before, Apartment Therapy is having its 7th annual Smallest Coolest Home Contest and I have found it so inspiring to see how other people create a comfortable, livable home in such small spaces. Michael's Mini Manhattan Home might still take the cake for me but here are some more awesomely tiny homes.  

at an astonishing 395 square feet, Ellie's Carriage House in Aspen, Co is light, bright and oh so appealing to me. Maybe it's because it's in Colorado (my alma mater) or maybe its the all the colors. I have yet to pinpoint it...

at first glance, this photo made the space seem a little bit cluttered, but I think it's just because there are multiple pillows on each chair (which I'd like to argue makes it more cozy). The bright colors and all that light - I love. 

bright white kitchen and open shelving. and enough room for a place to eat!

and now - my favorite part. This gorgeous, ingenious bedroom. The curtains serve to separate clothes from the bed creating a homemade closet and also as a comfy cozy canopy. Ok maybe this ties for number 1.

I had to share Kara's 180 square foot space because of just that -  she lives in 180 square feet of space. She has done a great job utilizing every foot. 

her little sunning nook with storage underneath

a hammock that clips into the ceiling for when extra guests come over - genius! Also love the wallpapered shelves

I like how she made her fire escape into a nice little hang out space, although another apartment therapy reader noted it is illegal... oops.

and lastly here is Jordan's Brooklyn apartment weighing in at 460 square feet. I love the high ceilings and full height windows that make the space seem much larger than it actually is.

those floors! and it seems there are windows on three sides of the apartment. nice!

from the opposite side

another bright white kitchen. Love the painted brick and industrial island that serves as storage and a dining area. 

I haven't had time to look at all of the entries so check them out yourself at Apartment Therapy.

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