Thursday, May 19, 2011

This and That

art in architecture by Horst Gläsker via designlovefest 
great TED talk about the power of smiling
the anthropologist's recommendation: rare color photos from the end of the Depression
Beyonce's latest video Run the World (Girls) was released on last night's American Idol - it's getting mixed reviews, but I love the dancing, imagery and the Major Lazer song she stole sampled
speaking of running the world, an interesting look at how power corrupts (looking at you, Arnold and Strauss-Kahn)
awesomely beautiful calendars and other art made from folded paper via Pattern Matters
love this DIY lesson on Michael Kors gold slouchy pants via Fuji Files
you've heard of jeggings, and probably seen infomercials for pajama jeans. now introducing: junderpants 

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Susan said...

Awesome! I love those steps. It makes me think how boring all the steps I'm used to are! and the turbine looks cool too.