Sunday, August 14, 2011

Favorite Things

Good news: Etsy is back to its old layout! In appreciation, I did some serious browsing. Here's what I found:

I couldn't choose one favorite among this week's etsy wishlist, so I'll tell you a bit about them all.

Indian vs Indian is such a cool shop to look through because of its unified style. I can't stop thinking about their vintage camping stools (& all their other awesome chairs) and how great they'd look on my balcony.

These lovely earrings by Jamie Cox from Deuce struck my fancy, and looking through her shop I realized I love everything she makes - all from vintage materials. I'd site some other favorites, but it was too hard to pick so definitely check out her shop.

How cute is this boat fabric from Aunt June? Also love the feathers fabric on these bags

And last but certainly not least, this awesome "Heck Yes" sketchbook from slide sideways, because who wouldn't be pumped to sketch or write in this? Pay them a visit for other fun handmade goods. Have a lovely Sunday!

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