Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trend Spotting

A few looks to love this season...

1. Ladylike bags - much more sophisticated than your average hobo. This one is J.Crew's Edie Purse $238. Other nice options include the Madewell Lil Briefcase Bag $118, Veda's Muffin Purse $336, and the TopShop Bluebell Snake Twist Lockbag $50

2. Bold Chokers - preferably in gold or silver are guarenteed to make your t shirt and jeans look more like an ensemble. Affordable options include the R.J. Graziano Silver Collar Necklace $55 and the TopShop flat metal collar $28. I also love this style.

3. Colorful Separates - The new way to colorblock allows for mixing and matching. For trousers, try Jenni Kayne's wide leg version (here or here), for denim J.Crew's toothpick jean is the way to go, check here for cord options, and here for bags. More on shoes later...

4. Hair Accessories - The fashion industry hasn't payed much attention to hair accessories since the rise and fall of the scrunchie, but I'm sensing a comeback at the grassroots level (*not of scrunchies but of hair accessories in general). Whether you use ribbons or metal, there's no better way to distract from your bad hair day. Visit your local Michael's.

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